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The AI Marketers Guild is dedicated to empowering marketing professionals in the rapidly evolving field of AI marketing.

Fostering a Collaborative Community

Offering targeted professional development and networking opportunities, and enabling members to showcase and grow their businesses within our network.

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Our Mission

The mission of the AI Marketers Guild is to address key challenges by fostering a collaborative community. We offer targeted professional development and networking opportunities and enable members to showcase and grow their businesses within our network.

Why We're Here:​

Address Key Challenges

Unite marketers to tackle pressing AI-related challenges, fostering innovation, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing.

Empower Professional Growth

Offer improved opportunities for job networking, professional development, and skill-building in AI marketing.

Skill development demand

Marketers seek practical skills and resources in AI marketing to stay competitive and improve campaign performance.

AI's Growing Impact

Respond to the increasing demand for specialized AI marketing education as AI continues to transform the industry.

Leverage Existing Assets

Capitalize on Serial Marketers' trusted reputation, resources, and network to deliver targeted education, mentorship, and collaboration opportunities in AI marketing.


Benefiting You

1:1 Video Q&A

Exclusive access to top experts and professionals.

Exclusive News

Member-only newsletter of AI resources.


Work together on real projects so we all learn together.

Sponsored Virtual Event

Video events to showcase AI and how it will impact marketers.

Executive Workshops

AIMG Exec joins you for ½-day workshop.


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Leo Morejon

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